What the F#@k does Mind/Body Connection Really Mean?

After 20 years of dust gathering on my tennis racket, now seemed like a good time to pick it back up.  I walked into the first class praying I wouldn’t tear a muscle or an achilles tendon (I’m noticing this is a common injury for people my age). Sidelined from any form of exercise for 6-8 weeks would be my personal hell, as exercise is another form of therapy for me.

The good news: no major tears. The bad: I think I pulled both groin muscles.  I called a friend and said, “I think I’m too old for this,” which she fired back, “I don’t get it. You do all kinds of exercise AND yoga, how could you be in so much pain?!”  I wondered the same thing.  So, I did the only thing I thought would make things better: a bit more yoga.

I’ve always heard much of our emotion is stored in our hips and pelvis. Could this be true for me? I’ve always been great at letting my emotions out.  Surely MY “pulled groin muscles” was just a sign of unused muscles – not stored emotions!  As I stretched and contorted myself into all different positions trying to relive the physical pain, tears welled up.  

These were not tears of physical pain, but of emotional pain releasing. “What are these tears about?” I asked myself. An answer came to me almost immediate. I knew exactly what I was still holding onto, what needed to be processed by my mind so my body could start to let go and move forward.  My body was telling me exactly what it needed.  

I hope the next time I grab my vintage racket (should my body be up to the challenge) that my mind will have worked through some of these feelings. I’d much rather walk off the court than limp.



*These posts are intended to help you begin the process of exploring your connection to yourself and your emotional well being, not as a replacement for therapy by a trained mental health professional.  

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