Welcome to Season 4! with Dr. Amy Robbins

Welcome to Season 4! of Life, Death and the Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins




“How amazing it can be to find a place of awe. Speaking to my guests I am awestruck, awe inspired… so moved by what they are sharing. Whether it’s a story of grief, a story of life, a story of death, a story of what happens after death… all of it speaks to me of the magic of this universe.” — Amy Robbins





In this Season 4 Opener, Dr. Amy Robbins talks about:


  • Her motivation to create her podcast and YouTube channel: Life, Death and the Space Between.


  • Her excitement about her Season 4 guest lineup. For example:


  • Kelly Noonan Gores, producer of the documentary Heal
  • Author of At Heaven’s Door, William J. Peters
  • World-renown channeler, Paul Selig
  • Rameshwar Das, Co-Author of Being Ram Dass and executive producer of the upcoming series Being Ram Dass


  • A recent Ask Me Anything live zoom call with Patreon supporters. And your opportunity to support via Patreon, so she can continue to deliver intelligent, curious episodes with integrity.


  • Her overflowing gratitude, and how humbled she is by your support!









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