Life, Death and The Space Between

The Space Between Q and A #4 with Dr. Amy Robbins

You ask, I answer (or at least try).   This is my fourth installment of ask me anything.  In this podcast, I answer the question, about connecting with spirit and how we can make sure we stay grounded while doing so.    Do you have questions about anything realted to life, death, consciousness and the…

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Divine Consciousness with Reena Kumsarasingham

Does Divine Consciousness exist only with the Son of God, or within all of us?  Reena Kumsarasingham asks the question in her new book, Divine Consciousness In 2012, Reena made a commitment to move into the New Consciousness by living in the high vibration. She is  passionate in helping others do the same by making…

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Cosmology with Phillippe Sibaud

Phillippe Sibaud is a Trustee and a writer for the Gaia Foundation, an international London-based NGO which has been working for 35 years with indigenous people to uphold Earth-centred perspectives. He co-runs Umunthu Microfinance, an NGO that he set up in 2010 to provide small-scale loans to disadvantaged women in Malawi (currently 1,000 clients). He…

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