Life, Death and The Space Between

Supercharged Self-Healing with RJ Spina

SUPERCHARGED SELF-HEALING with RJ SPINA    “The future is here now. The future of medicine is high frequency energy.” – RJ Spina   Episode Summary:   You have heard that we all have the power to heal ourselves.  But where do we find that power? How do we access that power? Do you feel ready…

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Awakening the Healer Within with Kelly Noonan Gores

AWAKENING THE HEALER WITHIN with KELLY GORES      “You can learn to play the instrument of your own body and stimulate healing.” — Kelly Noonan Gores, director of the documentary “Heal”       Episode Summary:   Why do some of us get sick and others skate through life unscathed by illness?  Are we…

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Welcome to Season 4! with Dr. Amy Robbins

Welcome to Season 4! of Life, Death and the Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins       “How amazing it can be to find a place of awe. Speaking to my guests I am awestruck, awe inspired… so moved by what they are sharing. Whether it’s a story of grief, a story of life,…

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