Life, Death and The Space Between

Suicide Detoured with Chris Batts

Chris Batts is an author and motivational speaker who had a near death experience that happened after a suicide attempt. In his book “Boom- The Life and Times of a Suicide Near Death Experiencer”, Chris goes in detail about his life, what led up to his suicide attempt and how his life has changed after….

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Who is your C.E.O? with Geoff Thompson

Today’s episode is with Geoff Thompson; former bouncer, world ranking martial arts guru, and BAFTA-winning screenwriter. His new book, The Divine CEO is a masterclass on how to contract your ego, expand your conscious awareness, and build a powerful internal hierarchy, through mastery of mind, body and senses. For anyone looking to break their negative…

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No LION eyes …A Ghost Story with Tina

Life, Death and The Space Between Podcast listener, Tina shares her story about how she was able to find courage through a sign. Ghost Stories is a way for listeners to tell their amazing stories of the metaphysical.  If you have a great story to tell, something similar to this, contact you have had with…

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