Have you ever struggled to reach a goal? Such as, losing 20 lbs, saving money, looking for a new job, giving up a habit, like smoking, drinking, you name it. I’m not suggesting it’s easy.  I really don’t think it is; but perhaps it’s easier than we think.

This analogy has often helped me reconsider how to be successful in reaching my goals.

It’s doubtful you would stand at the bottom of Mount Everest and say, “I am going to climb right to the top”.  “No breaks for me!! And I’m doing it right now!”

But let’s be real, If you were to climb Everest it would be suggested you climb one summit at a time.  You would have a sherpa there to help you, to support you and carry your things.

Can you guess where I’m headed with this?  What is your Everest?  Can you identify the summits along the way?

Connection Challenge: Name the goal you’ve been trying to achieve.  See if you can recognize the summits.  Now it’s time to find your sherpa to help you get there. ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME.


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