A 5th Dimension and Beyond with Ginette Biro

Raising our Vibration into the 5th Dimension and Beyond with World-Class Medium Ginette Biro 



Ginette says 2020 was all about, “Going inward to ourselves, discovering who we are, what we’re all about, what truths resonate with us. Being called to find what is right for us, to get rid of triggers and traumas, to come to a place of peace to navigate these next several years.”



Episode Summary:


Have you been hearing people talk about the 5th dimension?  What does that have to do with living a life full of joy, love, and purpose on earth? Do you wonder what 2020 was all about?


In this episode, we talk with Ginette Biro, a world class medium who connects with beings from the 4th to 12thdimensions.  She connects people to the other side and brings messages to inspire and inform our world.


Ginette relays what her spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters have told her about the chaos of 2020 and Earth’s ascension.



Mind-blowing Topics We Discuss:

  • Ginette’s encounter on the other side, her life-changing Near Death Experience (NDE) during surgery — working with spirit, pouring over her life blueprint and making life choices
  • Ginette describes our 3D reality vs. higher dimensions!  Mind blowing!
  • Anyone can ask spirit to show them a greater understanding of reality; it moves you toward higher dimensions
  • The galactic federation – a collection higher consciousness light beings here to help humanity ascend in technology, consciousness, wellness, spirituality. Those on earth are meant to ascend and grow in consciousness further help out other places.
  • Why we’re hearing more on the media about alien contacts
  • Ascension means balancing harmony – between light and dark, science and metaphysics, left and right, masculine and feminine, fear/oppression/control energies and compassion/love/creative energies…
  • What Ginette says 2020 was all about for those on Earth



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